Designing websites and apps for deaf people

Deaf people are visual people. Deaf people love iconic clues, colors and shapes. Deaf humans love pictures and movies.
Movies should either be subtitled or voiced over in a sign language. Except when the movies are created natively by the deaf community, in their own language.

When we develop a website or an app at signfuse, all these things are incorporated. More even, also our development phase is natively visual, as is our language.
As a deaf company, we take care to assure the projects we create are natively suited for deaf people.

Designing a website or app for deaf people starts by designing a visual interface from scratch. You may choose to base your interface on a written language, a signed language, or both.
Each language has its audience. Each language has its attached culture and technical potential. Language can be anything from scientic and formal to dramatic and poetic.
At signfuse we play with language to shape your websites and apps the way they should be. Vibrant, engaging and full of use, inherently satisfying your deaf audience.

We, as deaf people, we love all things visual.