Win $100 by Vlogging for DeafRead

This is a very old post (2006), written by Sven Noben, founder of Signfuse. Several data (and links) in this article may be outdated.

DeafRead does a great job by supporting the growth of Deaf Vlogs. It proves this by awarding the best Vlog about DeafRead by 100$.

Update: This contest has been won by Jon Savage – Congratz! His video can be seen on YouTube.

If you know ASL and have a webcam you can give it a try! You can find more info on their website: Blog Contest

By doing this, you’re not only make a chance to win, but even better, it offers you a great opportunity to make your way into vlogging, and enrich the vlogosphere with a higher presence of ASL.

I wish all the Deaf vloggers in the world, both inside and outside the contest, the very best luck to win. The prize is not neccesairely $100, but certainly a happy audience enjoying your Vlog!

The contest closes on December 1, 2006